Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life continues to amaze me. The lessons repeat and get almost grotesque if you refuse to catch on. It's so in your face. Life. Sometimes you just gotta sit back eat a GREEN Olive, drink a GREEN Drink, and smoke a GREEN Bud just to get your head straight Don't get me wrong, I'm an " always look on the bright side " kinda gal. But honestly, sometimes I'm shit scared to live on this crazy F-d up Planet. No really it's not Earth's fault. She has a kind GREEN heart. It's those Humans. I just don't get them. Don't " They" eat GREEN/drink GREEN/ smoke GREEN/love GREEN/need GREEN/think GREEN/live GREEN/ see GREEN/be GREEN

I don't know
But I've been told,
GREEN is the colour to save your soul.
Love love love love love

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